Mrs. King


Mrs. King

Wed. Mar. 19 Fri. Mar. 20

6th 8th Grade Art

Spirit Catholic Radio Art Contest

Theme: Young people with BIG faith

Paper: 8 x 8 (Available at school if needed)

Include: Students Name, Teacher or Parents Name, Students grade, School Name, & Phone Number on Back of artwork.

ARTWORK MUST BE ORIGINAL Use Crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint, etc. NO Computer generated images allowed.

Recommendations Spend 30-35 minutes each day working on this. When finished please include proper information on the back and be ready to turn in on Monday Mar. 23 for a grade. Grades will be based off a 3 point rubric. Include detail in your drawing and texture. 8th grade implement space. Use your one point perspective skills to incorporate that into your image.


Art I


Complete a portrait sketch.

Three options include

1) Finishing a half image: find a full size magazine portrait and cut it down the center and try to complete the other side on an 8 1/2 x 11 printer paper page. Example:

2) Sketch an image from a picture and try to recreate the portrait on an 8 x 10 paper.

3) Sketch your portrait while looking in a mirror.



Use a crayon, pencil, or charcoal. Try to incorporate shading and proper proportions. This will be graded on Monday Mar. 23. Please submit your image through PSL.

Art II

Continue with art history assignments.

Begin sketch for a paper mache project. Find image you intend to build and sketch it out similar to the sketch of your rhyton. Find simple shapes within your creature and know what shapes need to be added onto one another in order to build.

Finish paintings at home this week if able (boys will be due next week). Supplies should be available when school is open tomorrow.



Paper Quilling Project

Please see link for ideas -


You should create a paper quilling project of choice using a minimum of two colors of paper and a minimum of 20 curls. Your subject matter and colors and size of paper is your choice. There will be colored paper available at the school for pickup as well as glue. Please send an image of your creation by Monday at 4 pm on PSL. Expect to spend 30-40 minutes on this Wed. Fri. Have fun and enjoy.


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